Our Mission: Food, Education, Health, Shelter

Nutrition support

Food Shelter

Nutrition support is another important aspect of Association d’aide aux orphelins’ work. Here are some more details on how the organization provides support:

  1. Food assistance: Association d’aide aux orphelins provides food assistance to orphaned children and their families who are struggling to access nutritious food. This includes providing food baskets, hot meals, and nutritional supplements.
  2. Nutritional education: The organization also provides nutritional education to orphaned children and their families. This helps to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy food choices and improve their overall health and well-being.
  3. Garden projects: Association d’aide aux orphelins also helps to establish community gardens and agricultural projects. This provides orphaned children and their families with access to fresh produce and also helps to promote sustainable agriculture practices.
  4. Livestock and poultry projects: The organization also helps to establish livestock and poultry projects, which provide orphaned children and their families with access to protein-rich foods such as eggs, milk, and meat.

By providing food assistance, nutritional education, and supporting community gardens and livestock projects, Association d’aide aux orphelins helps to ensure that orphaned children and their families have access to nutritious food. This not only improves the children’s health and well-being but also helps to break the cycle of poverty and improve the overall economic development of the community.


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